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Cavité Sacrée

A Community For Those Who Are Striving For Emaciation

Sacred Hollow
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o1. You must be 18 or older to join. This is simply because we do not want to be responsible for influencing minors, in any way. If you're under 18 you cannot join. There will be no exceptions. Make sure that at least the year of your birth is displayed on your userinfo, or you will not be accepted.

o2. You do not have to be emaciated, or even at an anorexic weight to be a part of the community. You do have to be actively pursuing weight loss and have an ultimate goal of emaciation. This is the nature of the community. If this is not your goal, I suggest looking somewhere else.

o3. You must already have an eating disorder. I cannot stress this enough. That doesn't mean you have to have been diagnosed by a doctor, or hospitalized, but it does mean that we will not be helping people "develop" eating disorders.

o4. (th)Inspirational pictures, lyrics, etc are allowed. Just put them behind an lj-cut and include a NSFW warning if needed.

o5. Numbers are allowed. If you want to post your weight or calorie intake, feel free. That's part of what this community is for. Detailed posts about binges or self-injury should be put behind an lj-cut with a warning attached.

o6. Posting is not optional. There will be no lurkers here. You do not have to post every day, but if you are inactive you will be removed from the community.

o7. Posts must be friends only. Always.

o8. No fighting. If there is an issue that needs to be discussed, by all means do so. I encourage you to find your voice and speak out when you feel it necessary. But. There will be no injury to personal character, and the mods retain the right to freeze commenting if they feel it necessary.

o9. You may not promote in the community. If you have your own community and would like the mods to consider it as a sister community, please feel free to ask. If you want to promote a community you may do so here.

How to Join:

If you've read the rules and are prepared to follow them, you are now ready to apply for membership.

o1. Click the "join community" button at the top of our info page.

o2. Wait. Someone will check your age (based on the year visible on your info page) and accept you in less than 24 hours.

o3. Go to the application. Fill it out and post it in a new post. It does not have to be under a lj-cut.

o4. Wait. The moderators will decide whether or not we feel that you are a good fit for the community. This will also take less than 24 hours.

o5. Once you get our approval on your application post, you are free to start posting whatever you like. Post often.




Sister Communities:

We currently have no sister communities. If you are interested in becoming affiliated with us, please contact the moderators through our personal journals.


This community does not encourage the development of eating disorders. If you want to learn how to lose weight, you have the wrong place.
cavite_sacree is intended to be a place of support for people with existing eating disorders, who are not attempting to recover at this time.
If you are trying to recover from an eating disorder, help can be found at ANAD.org.